Kelley’s Top Three – Wk 1/28/13

I think it’s pretty obvious that the fashion blogging world is changing. I’ve read more posts on “transitioning” than I can count, and I agree with them all. If you feel like your life, your passions, and, as a result, the areas in which you are spending your time are changing, then I’m all for letting your blog grow to reflect those changes. For me, Threads and Buttons has always been about “Finding things that make me smile.” I’ve had dashes and dabbles of lifestyle posts, I’ve talked about photography, traveling, recipes, DIY, and of course outfit posts. So, this isn’t a big post to say “Things be a changin’ ova hear!” It’s just a friendly reminder (to myself) of what this blog is to me. A place to record the things that make me happy, make my life, and make me smile.

So with that in mind, I’ve added a new feature to the blog. “Kelley’s top three” will showcase my three favorite events from the past week. It will help me start each week with a little reminder of how awesome things in my life have been (always a good thing to think about on a Monday morning), and give all of you a chance to have a little glimpse into my world, outside of just what I’m wearing… Cause I know you’ve ALL been dying for that πŸ˜‰

Without further ado….

  1. Making Homemade Sushi With The Hubs – Josh and I have been trying our best to (1) eat well, (2) eat out less, (3) and be more frugal with the money we spend on food (I’m always surprised that this is one of the BIGGEST areas of spending for us). So, one day last week, he suggested making sushi at home. I’ve done this before, and I knew it could be a big ordeal, but I went with it. Man am I glad I did! Not only was it a fun dinner experiment, it was also cheap, fast, and YUMMY!
  2. Hanging Out With A Cutie of a CousinΒ – We unexpectedly ended up baby sitting my husband’s 5-year old cousin on Friday, and it was a BLAST! In the span of about five hours, we went to the park twice, had a yummy snack, watched four episodes of “My Little Pony” (her favorite), and painted fingernails. I love that kid!
  3. Night of Worship – On Saturday, I pulled on a pair of rolled up holey jeans and got ready to jam. One of my husband’s good friend’s is a worship pastor at a church in our area, and a couple of weeks ago he asked us if we would be willing to play a few songs for the night of worship his church was having. We were happy to! So, Saturday evening me, my husband, his uncle, and one of our friends had a ton of fun helping to lead people in worship. I’m not going to lie, technical difficulties did occur, direct boxes may have failed, and we may have blown out a light or two, but it was awesome seeing people from tons of different churches in the Phoenix area come together for a night of praise πŸ™‚

-The Grateful Kelley

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4 thoughts on “Kelley’s Top Three – Wk 1/28/13

  1. I love it!! I am all about happy little things! You have some really great ones there. Little kids are the cutest! And I love it when my fiance and I get to cook together – it’s so much fun πŸ™‚ Happy Monday!

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  3. Sounds like a great week for you! I have a “happy Monday” feature on my blog, because it helps me stay positive and appreciate all the great things going on in my life. πŸ™‚

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