The Babysitting Kelley

I mentioned in my top three on Monday that my husband and I recently had the pleasure of baby sitting his little cousin. She’s five and she’s awesome!

Her world pretty much revolves around My Little Pony at the moment (leaving room here and there for Hello Kitty). So we played a little “My Little Pony”, watched a few “My little Pony” episodes (thank you Netflix), went to the park and found and named her own little pony (they have a sand rocking horse), baked five sand cakes with sand sprinkles for her little pony, and then had a fashion photo shoot in which she chose each one of the awesome poses.

My husband even made a video recap of our day together…

All in all, an fantastic afternoon. Oh, and a workout, chasing around a five year old is tiring. 🙂

-The Babysitting Kelley


  • Loafers: Thrifted Steve Madden (Similar)
  • Jeans: Old Navy (Similar)
  • Tee: Old… Not Sure (Similar)
  • Cardigan: Thrifted (Similar)
  • Scarf: Handmade by my awesome little sister! (Similar)

5 thoughts on “The Babysitting Kelley

  1. Aw, how fun!! I love kids! What adorable and fun photos 🙂

    I also love your outfit. That color green looks really awesome on you! And that scarf is so cute!

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