Kelley’s Top Three – Wk 2/4/13

This week was pretty epic. Seriously guys, Sting was involved. Yup, we’re pretty much buds now, me and Sting… Unfortunately it was the kind of epic that was so amazingly wonderful, that I didn’t stop to do a whole lot of documenting. I think those photos up there are IT. Don’t get me wrong, LOTS of photos were taken this weekend, but most of them were work related. Let’s allow this week’s top three to explain…

  1. Working at the Grammy MusiCares Event – All I can say is that this was HUGE!!! When Scott and Breanna (the founders and other half of the photography company that my husband and I work with) emailed us about working this event with them, it sounded pretty low key. We thought we would be popping into a few dressing rooms HOURS before anyone arrived to take some pictures of flowers. Nope. That wasn’t how it went down at all. Instead we ended up taking photos of the set up in the MAIN ROOM of the event, WHILE the performers were rehearsing! Which means we got to spend our day listening to private rehearsals by Sting, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, John Legend,Tom Morello and Jim James, Patti Smith, and Neil Young! They were RIGHT THERE in front of us guys! It was EPIC! Oh, AND I walked on the red carpet. Can’t beat that! Thanks times a MILLION to Scott and Breanna for bringing us along to work the event with you!
  2. Wonderful People, Talking About Dreams, and Learning New Things – This weekend the hubs and I headed out to Scott and Breanna’s place in California for the annual Radiant Photography retreat. I’m not going to lie, Josh and I always have a blast when we hang out with the other half of Radiant (and their puppy Jasmine.). After working the MusiCares event on Friday, we spent the rest of the weekend talking about our photography dreams and goals. Then, to help us work on some of those ambitions, Scott took us out for a little Speedlight 101. Josh and I have had a few areas of flash that we’ve been wanting to play with and learn for a while, and Scott is the flash KING! Suffice it to say, we learned A LOT!
  3. A Long Overdue Coffee Date – In high school I had an awesome friend. Let me be clear, she is THE BEST, and meeting her literally changed my life. You see, this wonderful friend of mine also happens to be my husband’s cousin. When I met her, I became a part of her family right away (that’s just the kind of super special family she has). Then, after she introduced me to her cousin and I finally convinced him to date me and eventually marry me, I got to become a REAL member of the family, legally 😉 Sadly, this awesome friend and I haven’t had the chance to have many one on one hang outs lately. So, this week we met up for a coffee date. It may sound simple, but for me, it was huge. I love that girlie, and we’re going to be hanging out LOTS more for sure!

-The EPIC Week Enjoying Kelley

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