The Confusing Kelley

I asked my husband what he thought about this outfit, and I was met with his normal reply, “I know nothing about fashion.”

Somehow he always thinks this will get him out of discussing my outfits. He’s wrong.

Pressing further, I said, “Well, that’s good. Most normal people that I’ll run into in the world FEEL like they don’t really know anything about fashion either. So what will NORMAL people think about my outfit?”

Apparently normal people will think, “You’re wearing a sweater and a scarf with shorts. It’s confusing. Are you cold or hot?”

I see what he did there. Using good old normal people logic… Well, here’s my comeback:

Dear normal people of the world, I see how wearing shorts with a sweater may be confusing. However, I’m also wearing tights, which are often times even warmer than pants. PLUS shorts with tights is cute. So, check and mate!

-The Confusing Kelley



15 thoughts on “The Confusing Kelley

  1. Haha, I’ve definitely been a style blogger for too long then, because I see nothing confusing about it at all, just some casual adorableness. That scarf is awesome!

  2. Total win! I love your fashion logic and this outfit is super cute! That’s what you get for asking a husband. I usually just give my husband “the look” when he gets that “what is that you’re wearing” look on his face. LOL

  3. Hahaha normal people#s logic, so funny 😀 I think this little dicussion between the two of you is pretty cute. It used to be the same with my ex. Men and fashion, oh well…

    I think your outfit is lovely! I really like the colours of the scarf and the comfy and cute shorts and shoes!

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