The Mop Chopping Kelley

The other day we had to rush out of the house, which left me with very little time to do my hair, which in turn left me with the horrendous hair you see in these photos. Actually, if I’m being honest, after I saw these photos I searched high and low for a hair tie and scooped these frustrating locks of mine into a ponytail. And, a ponytail has been my go to hairstyle for days since…

It’s official. I need a haircut. I’m often a bangs girl, but I’m starting to feel like I might be getting too old for that. Not to mention the grow out time after I change my mind (about a month AFTER getting bangs I always wonder WHY I did it) seems like an eternity. So I’m thinking maybe some long side bangs will do the trick. That way they’ll help cover up my five-head, but if I hate them a month later, they won’t take too long to grow out… Any opinions on this oh so important matter?

-The Mop Chopping Kelley



4 thoughts on “The Mop Chopping Kelley

  1. Love the outfit! That cardigan is so cute! And I think you would look great with side swept bangs. I’ve been contemplating some myself, but the last time I had bangs they made me look like I was 13 again. Although now that I’m 34 that doesn’t sound too bad! LOL 🙂

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