Kelley’s Top Three – Wk 2/11/13

Love was in the air this past week friends. Get ready to hear all about it in this week’s “Top Three” recap!

  1. Valentine’s Day With The Hubs – I’m a low-key kind of girl. Strangely enough, this makes Valentine’s Day difficult, according to my husband. Just talking about doing extravagant fancy things makes me tired. So when Feb. 14th roles around, I always say, “Let’s just do nothing, that can be my gift”, and my poor husband, feeling that he wants to do SOMETHING, has to find a way to plan something sweet and romantic without making his boring wife complain about it. Seriously friends, sometimes I don’t know how he puts up with me. This year, he found the PERFECT solution! I woke up in the morning to a mini scavenger hunt in our home. While hunting I found some wonderful gifts from Bath and Body Works (I LOVE a good bubble bath), a promise of a yummy dinner for two at a quiet Italian place we love, and frozen yogurt dessert. Once the hunt was over, he greeted me with donuts, which I had been telling him I was craving for weeks! So my Valentine’s Day was made up of relaxation and food, which is all I ever really want when it comes down to it. The husband did very well!
  2. Hanging Out With Miss Cheeks – Those of you that have been following me on Twitter for a while likely know that my sister had a sweet baby girl at the end of December. Well, on Valentine’s day, I spent a few hours babysitting her while my husband worked so that my sister could have a little free time. I may be biased, but I’m pretty sure she’s one of the cutest babies of all time. I mean just look at those CHEEKS! How could you not love them?
  3. A SERIOUS Purchase – If you follow Threads and Buttons on Facebook, you heard all about the sale that the Coach Factory Store had last week. Everything was an EXTRA 50% off, and shipping was free. It was amazing! Now, you guys know that I’m a frugal and thrifty shopper (I mean, let’s be real, 80% – 90% of my outfit posts contain almost all thrifted items), so Coach is not usually a brand name that you’ll find in my closet… but this was an opportunity that I JUMPED on! My old purse has been falling apart for about a year now (pictured at the bottom left), and I feel like I only got it about 18 months ago. For me, buying purses is a horrible game of, “I don’t want to spend TOO much, but I want to spend enough that it’s not SOOO cheap that I’m back to buying a new purse a few months from now.” That means I usually spend somewhere around $30 – $50 or so on a purse that I can use for about 1.5 – 2 years (and I usually HATE it by the end of the first year because it’s falling apart). So, this time, I spent $130 on a purse (the most I have EVER spent on any accessory or piece of clothing), thinking that if it lasts for even just three years, I’ll be breaking even with what I usually spend on purses while also keeping my sanity and not HATING my purse every day. I just checked and the purse should be here tomorrow… I’m SO excited, and I hope I LOVE it!

-The Loving Kelley

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3 thoughts on “Kelley’s Top Three – Wk 2/11/13

  1. What a great top three! Your husband is the sweetest. It sounds like you had the perfect Valentine’s Day! Also, your niece is ADORABLE! 🙂 I’m the same way with buying things, but sometimes it’s good to make an investment. I’m sure you’ll love that purse for years to come!

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