The Photo Fundraising Kelley

My husband and I LOVE being photographers (working for Radiant Photography has only made us love it more)! While we’re in Africa, we’re planning on using our skills in this area to document the trip and many of the stories we learn about while we’re there.

We decided that it would only be natural for us to use this talent for fundraising for our trip as well. So, this Friday and Saturday we’ll be at a local park doing free photo sessions (for individuals, families, couples, babies, kids, pets, whatever you may want) in the hopes that we will be able to raise donations for our trip to Uganda. We still need about $8,800 total by April to be fully funded for our trip, so we need all the help we can get! Thank you to those that have already donated, it means more to us than we can say!

If you’re in the Phoenix area, or if you know anyone who is, would you please do us a huge favor and share this info with friends and family? And if you can, come to the park on Friday or Saturday! I’d love to meet you in person and take your photos! If you are interested in coming, just leave a comment below (or email me at threadsandbuttonsblog[at]gmail[dot]com) with your contact info so that I can reserve you a spot!

Thank you guys, you’re the best!!!

-The Photo Fundraising Kelley

P.S. If at any time you feel inclined to make a donation to go towards our trip you can head over here and make a donation online through PayPal.  Just make sure to specify who the donation will be attributed to (Josh and Kelley Johnson) by clicking on the little plus sign next to “Team member you wish to donate to”, and then writing our names in the box that pops up. THANK YOU!!!


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