The Head Banging Kelley

I told you guys ponytails were my new go to hairstyle. I can’t help it, my hair is driving me nuts! You all seemed to agree that bangs of some kind are the way to go, so I’m hitting up the hair salon next week! Hopefully all will go well and I’ll feel a little better about my do after everything is chopped and styled. But do me a favor and start sharing you bang hiding/hair grow out tips now, cause I have a feeling I’m going to want them in the near future, seeing as how it took me a little over two years to get rid of THESE.

-The Head Banging Kelley



7 thoughts on “The Head Banging Kelley

  1. I love ponytails! I haven’t had bangs in years – I always have trouble growing them out, and I never get my hair cut enough to keep them nicely styled. I think headbands and hair clips are the best thing for bangs that are growing out. Good luck at the salon!!

    I love your dress and scarf! This is a really lovely cool weather look 🙂

  2. I’m looking forward to see how your haircut turns out! I’ve been thinking about bangs for some time too (I have a five-head as well :P) but the thought of maintaining them and growing them out always discourages me. Maybe if your bangs look nice I might be convinced to try them myself.

    That scarf is awesome, by the way.

  3. I just got my first bangs last year and I thought I would be sick of them by now, but I still love them! Therefore, I don’t have any growing out tips for you other than pinning them back or headbanding them or something. But I do agree that they can totally change the look of your hair. Looks like you were blessed with beautiful shiny straight hair–something I always wanted! So I’m sure you’ll look great regardless! Love the stripes and houndstooth!

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