The Temperature Confused Kelley

I wore this outfit over the weekend here is Phoenix. It had warmed up to the high 70s. Then, four days later, it snowed. Yup, it snowed IN the desert. The weather be crazy here lately.

In other news, this is the location that we’ll be using for our Fundraising Photoshoot today and tomorrow. If you live in the Phoenix area, it would be awesome if you could stop by. I mean you get your photo taken by yours truly, have some wonderful shots of you/your family, AND you’re helping orphans in Africa, it’s pretty much a win win WINNING situation 😉

-The Temperature Confused Kelley



4 thoughts on “The Temperature Confused Kelley

  1. Gorgeous photos!! I love that sweater and the way you styled it. What an awesome look!

    I know, I heard it snowed there – crazy! Good luck with your photo shoot fundraiser this weekend!!

  2. Love those sandals and that sweater! I think it’s safe to say we can share the thrifting crown you awarded me 😉

    The weather has been so strange! One day it’s windy and cold, the next day it’s sunny and warm… I am so ready for spring.

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