The Necklace Creating Kelley

Remember how I’ve been a “knitting machine” lately? Well, apparently I’ve been knitting a little too much. So much in fact that I caused an old wrist injury to flair up and have been instructed by my doctor not to knit for at least a month until it recovers… Wooomp woooomp… No knitting for a whole MONTH?! Are you kidding me?!

So, I’ve been occupying myself with a few other crafty pastimes that I enjoy. Exhibit A: Jewelry making. You see that fancy schmancy necklace up there? I made it, and I made a tutorial to go with it so that you wonderful folks can make one of your very own! It’s a necklace that works well for fancy nights out, casual errand days, and hey, it would be the perfect punch of green for the upcoming St. Patricks day this weekend!

If love crafting AND own unique accessories like this necklace, check out my tutorial over on Crafttuts+, it went live today!

-The Necklace Creating Kelley


3 thoughts on “The Necklace Creating Kelley

  1. You are just so crafty!! That necklace is gorgeous, I love it!! Boo about no more knitting though. I hope your wrist feels better soon. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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