The eShakti Easter Dress Wearing Kelley

So, eShakti… You likely know who they are, and I’m sure you’ve read lots of reviews/done one of your own for this company. Honestly, the first few times they contacted me about doing a review, I declined. I felt like everyone was reviewing eShakti after receiving their “c/o” items, but nobody was actually BUYING anything from them… That couldn’t be a good sign.

Then, I noticed that one of my favorite bloggers, Holly over at HollyDolly, owned MULTIPLE eShakti pieces, and not only did she love them, but they were pretty stinking adorable. So, the next time I was contacted by eShakti I decided to give one of their dresses a try.

I went to their website, grabbed a measuring tape, and filled out their customization form (see screen shot below). Customizing the dress to my size was WAY easier than I thought it would be. They offer information on how to take your measurements, and after that it’s just typing numbers into boxes. Note that custom sizing IS $7.50 extra, however, they are currently running a promotion in which this fee is waved on your first custom order 🙂

The dress I decided on also had style customization options (these customizations are included in the $7.50 customization fee), which is one of my favorite parts about eShakti. What you can customize varies from dress to dress, but it includes things such as dress length, neckline, sleeve style, pockets/no-pockets, and more.

After I filled everything out, I submitted my order and waited for my dress to arrive. Having once received a dress from what I saw as a similar online store (I won it in a giveaway) and finding myself EXTREMELY disappointed, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be a fan of my new dress. I was WRONG.

This dress is great! It arrived in about a week’s time, the material is soft and doesn’t feel at all cheap or poorly put together, the fit is pretty much dead on (thank you custom sizing), and the length and other custom details are pretty much just what I asked for.

Still, nothing can be perfect, so let me give you two honest critiques:

1. I often find that while pockets in dresses are convenient, they can cause the dress to bulge out in the hips (an area I need NO extra bulging thank you very much). So, when filling out my customization options, I asked for the pockets on my dress to be taken out. As you can see in the photos above, my dress ended up having pockets anyway. While this isn’t what I asked for, I’m kind of happy about the mistake. The pockets don’t bulge at all, and they’re deep enough that I can carry a wallet, my phone, and more!

2. This second and final critique only really relates to this particular dress. I ordered this dress because I loved that it was classic enough to wear almost anywhere at anytime, but had a little bit of added cuteness with the peter pan collar. When I got it in the mail, I was sad to find that the collar is only attached in the font, which means every time I wear a necklace with this dress, it won’t be able to go under the collar, but will instead have to be placed on top of it, which in essence ends up covering up one of the most interesting parts of the dress.

I took my dress on it’s very first outing yesterday! I added a few pastel accessories and wore it to church for Easter. While it was MUCH more understated than my Easter dress from last year, I like that it’s a classic piece that I can wear over and over again on many occasions.

How do you guys feel about eShakti? Have you ever thought about placing an order with them? Do you currently have eShakti pieces in your closet at home? Let me know in the comment section below 🙂

-The eShakti Easter Dress Wearing Kelley

***UPDATE: For the month of April, you can now enter the code: THRDSBUTNS when checking out with eShakti and receive 20% off your entire order!



4 thoughts on “The eShakti Easter Dress Wearing Kelley

  1. I have received AND bought many items from eShakti and they have yet to disappoint me. I love their styling options too. I really love this dress on you! Especially with the necklace and oxfords!

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