The Diverse Location Scouting Kelley

This is one of the locations that my husband and I have been using for the Uganda fundraiser photoshoots that we’ve been doing. While it’s actually a fairly small area, it’s got some great variety for photos.

Apparently there’s also a great variety of people that hang out there. Being the base of a mountain hiking trail, you’d think most of the people that show up to this spot would be sporty individuals who like to take care of themselves. Think again.

While taking photots for one particular family who is part of our church, we asked if they had any trouble finding the place. The father’s reply was simple and straight to the point, “Nope, it was easy. I used to do dope here.”

On another occasion we showed up to the location to find a family of about 30 people having a BBQ/birthday party.

I’m telling you, they should start advertising this place on the radio, “We’ve got something for everyone, mountain climbing, hardcore drugs, and birthday parties for your little ones.” Bet it would be more popular than Chuck E Cheese 🙂

-The Diverse Location Scouting Kelley



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