The Stronger Kelley

I went out in public with a scarf on my head and a denim vest on my body, and nobody threw anything at me.

I know even some of you guys mentioned that bringing vests into the current denim trend is going “too far”, but I guess this is just one point on which we’re going to have to agree to disagree. We can still be friends though… As long as YOU don’t throw things at me.

Nope, the denim vest wasn’t the scariest part of this outfit for me… The scariest part was tying a scarf around my head. Honestly guys, I must have messed with that thing for almost a half hour, trying different kinds of wraps, bows, knots, etc. In the end, I was still terrified that I looked ridiculous, but my hair was on day 3, so unless I was going to get off my lazy bum and wash/DO my hair, ridiculous was pretty much my only option.

Having lived through this experience, I think I may try it again sometime. I guess Kelly Clarkson, in all of her infinite wisdom, was right, what doesn’t kill you DOES make you stronger 😉

-The Stronger Kelley



11 thoughts on “The Stronger Kelley

  1. LOL Oh that is funny. I would never think twice about a denim vest and scarf in the hair. In fact, I was ready to say this is a favorite of your outfits for me! I love all of it!

  2. i was skeptical about vests at first, but I got the denim polka dot one i had been eyeing at forever21 and now I’m in love! haha. Yay for trying things outside of your comfort zone!

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