The Melbourne Pinning Kelley

Long before we headed to Melbourne, our friends and family started asking us what we planned on doing while we were in Australia. Honestly, we had NO idea.

Going to Australia for a whole month sounds magical, but when you start thinking about the fact that you’ll likely never be able to go again so you better make it one of the most epic Australian trips known in the history of man… it can get a bit overwhelming/daunting. So I did what any sane yet extremely overwhelmed person would do, I started pinning.

I made a Pinterest board titled “Australian Checklist” and started using that as a way to plan our trip. Now that we’re here, I’m actually having to use that board. I know, actually DOING the things I pin… It’s a kind of mind-blowing.

So on day one I picked one of the restaurants I had pinned, looked it up, and saw that it was only a 10min walk from our apartment. After that, we decided to go to Melbourne’s awesome aquarium, which I had pinned, AND which we can see from our apartment window! Pretty huge SCORES since I had no idea where in the city we would actually be staying when I pinned all of these things.

I think it’s safe to say that our first full day in Melbourne was a complete success!

-The Melbourne Pinning Kelley



6 thoughts on “The Melbourne Pinning Kelley

  1. “Notes from a Sunburn Country” aka “Down Under” by Bill Bryson. That’s all I’m going to need when I make my own epic Australian trip.
    Love this look – that scarf is amazing.

    • Oops, I mean “In a Sunburned Country” (I read it as “Down Under” and got the name mixed up with another Bill Bryson book, “Notes from a Small Island”).

      • Just looked it up and read a bit of it. I really like his writing style! I’ll have to continue this book and check out his others soon! Thanks for the tip 🙂

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