The Hippo Hugging Kelley

Technically our trip to Melbourne is partially business and partially vacation. Both the hubs and I can work from pretty much anywhere, but the awesome company that Josh works for is based here in Australia, and he’s having a blast working face to face with real people in a real office building for a month (rather than alone in his home office). It’s been really great for him, getting to know the people that he usually only gets to contact via Skype and email.

So, during the week I’m working from our apartment and my husband is going to the office every day (SUPER weird for us since we usually spend all of our time working from home together). This means we’re doing our best to fully enjoy every second of our weekends here.

This weekend we did lots of fun stuff! First, we figured out how to navigate the public transit system… Not going to lie, it was harder than I thought it would be. Cell phone apps were telling us to do one thing while voices in the sky were screaming at us to do another… We almost had to live at the train station.

Putting our two college educated brains together, we eventually figured things out and made our way to the Werribee Open Range Zoo where we were able to go on a REAL Safari and see all kinds of awesome animals! You can head over here to check out our video recap of the whole experience!

My favorite part? The hippos, for SURE! I would have tried to hug one and then sneak it back to our apartment, but apparently they’re known for killing more people than almost any other mammal in Africa… That and they’re too big to fit on the train ride home 😉

-The Hippo Hugging Kelley



6 thoughts on “The Hippo Hugging Kelley

  1. I didn’t know that about hippos! That’s crazy! I love hippos too and think they are so cute. 🙂 Those cargo skinny jeans are so cute and I love the ankle zips at the bottom. And you have a contagious smile! Love it! ❤


  2. Sounds like you’re having a blast! I remember my friend telling me about that Open Range Zoo – I bet it’s amazing! Love your pants 🙂

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