The Spring Skipping Kelley

Do you guys SEE all of the amazing colors in these photos?! It’s so crazy awesome being somewhere that has an actual fall!

In the desert of Phoenix, “fall” is just the two weeks between summer and winter when the temperatures are in the high 80s. It’s a time when it’s finally cool enough to venture outside without fear of melting, but it’s still warm enough to jump in the pool. We don’t have any pretty changing colors or falling leaves. Oh, and wearing a scarf during those two weeks? That’s a sin sure to earn you some funny looks as well as lots of pointing and giggling.

I just heard that we’re already hitting triple digits back home in Phoenix, which means I’ve officially missed my chance of enjoying any kind of spring this year. But that’s okay, I’ll take two falls (well one real fall and one Phoenix “fall”) over one Spring any day.

-The Spring Skipping Kelley



3 thoughts on “The Spring Skipping Kelley

  1. You look lovely in that chambray top! And aren’t fall coloyrs the best? Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons. They both have bearable temps (at least in Belgium, haha) and everything either blooms or fades which both have their beauty 🙂 x

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