Costumes From Our Closet

…AND we’re BACK!

Things have been crazy up in this life of ours! Traveling to Australia for a month, fund raising for Africa, going to Africa, and trying to figure out “normal” life again…

We’re still dealing with that last step, but I think we’re finally starting to slowly settle in. Slowly is the key word here. And, with that word in mind, I’m going to try my hand at this whole blogging thing again. It likely won’t happen every day, but that’s how slowly works right?

Anywho, in true Threads and Buttons style, I thought I would start back up with something fun and silly. It’s not Friday, but who’s up for some Photobooth action… Halloween style!

Yes, we’re fully grown adults who have WAY too much fun dressing up for Halloween (see evidence HERE and HERE)! Still, we try our best every year not to spend too much of our budget on costumes.

This year, almost ALL of our costume pieces came from our closet, or were purchased from Goodwill and will be making their way into our normal closet rotation. AKA, most of the pieces from our costume have been worn before and/or will be worn again.

Scarecrow Costume:

Hat:  H&M – $2

Straw: HobbyLobby – $3

Face Paint: EpicThrift – $2.50

Vest W/ Straw hot-glued to it: EpicThrift – $3

Rest of the outfit: Josh’s closet – Free

Total – $10.50

Dorothy Costume:

Dress (will wear again):  Goodwill – $5

Shirt (will wear again): EpicThrift – $3

Shoes: Savers – $6.00

Glitter for shoes: HobbyLobby – $3

Toto: Goodwill – $3

Basket: Goodwill – $.99

Socks & Ribbon: Kelley’s closet – Free

Total – $20.99


We could have done it a lot cheaper if I would have had SOME kind of outfit that resembled Dorothy’s already in my closet, but HEY, I’ll never complain about getting to buy a “new to me” dress 🙂

I kinda LOVE homemade Halloween costumes. Got one you’re proud of this year? Let me know in the comments below so I can check it out!


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