Outfit Failure

I’m gonna be honest with you guys and tell you, I’m not a fan of this outfit. In fact, I don’t think I like it at all. Why? Well, at the risk of sounding like a a 12 year old girl from 1995, “Those jeans are SO last year.”

Why did I wear this outfit if I consider it a big ol’ dud? Man, you guys ask the BEST questions!

The answer is, I have a problem when it comes to dressing for photoshoots sometimes. When I pick out a “photographer” outfit, there are quite a few qualifications it has to meet:

1. Comfort – I need to be able to focus on the awesome people I’m taking photos of, and not be worried about the belt that is cinched so tight that it’s cutting off oxygen to mr brain, or the shoes that are slowly causing my feet to drown in a sea of blood.

2. Mobility/Modesty – Photographers will get in some straight up cray-cray positions to get that “perfect shot”. I need to wear and outfit that allows me to bend over, lunge, lay on the ground, climb, and stand high above people without giving them a show they didn’t pay for ūüėČ

3. Professional/Creative Style – I always want to present myself as a professional while on shoots, but not to the extent that I seem stuffy and unfriendly. Also, because I work in a creative field, I think it’s important for me to present myself as the creative person I am. I enjoy being creative, and my outfits are another way for me to show my creativity to the world.

4. Replaceable – As I said before, photographers will do just about anything for the shot they want. I’ve ruined many a pair of shoes, pants, and even dresses while taking photos. Whether I’m laying in we grass, stomping up a pile of dirt/mud, or kneeling on a rocky surface, I’m almost always bound to stain, scuff, or rip something I’m wearing. And for that reason, I never want to wear my absolute favorite ANYTHING while shooting photos.

Sometimes it almost feels like I need a second closet just for photography clothes… But I know I just need to get more creative and use what I already have.

With all this in mind, what would YOU wear as a photographer?



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