A Cold Weekend in the Desert

It was cold this weekend in Phoenix. And by cold, I mean our highs were in the upper 50s.

Yup, that’s was passes for cold in the winter here in our cozy, saguaro-filled, desert wonderland. While this weekend’s weather was an uncommon yet welcome surprise, an even more uncommon occurrence was the fact that I was able to wear tights, a sweater, and a scarf all in one outfit without people asking if I would like to be directed to the nearest insane asylum.

Oh, and to anyone who would like to call me a “little sissy-la-la baby” for dressing in “winter-wear” during our 58 degree cold snap, I’ll tell you that I grew up in the Seattle area where the current 10-day forecast calls for daily “high” temperatures everywhere between 28 – 51 degrees, with a little rain and snow mixed in.

Yes, I’ve paid my dues. Now I’ll enjoy my sissy-la-la title and my warm Phoenix weather thank you very much ūüôā



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